How the award fits into the Curriculum for Excellence framework:


The award supports successful learners through: developing listening and talking skills (through discussion and the presentation competition), making critical personal responses to text (through the book review and book evaluation) and developing presentation skills to engage with others with their ideas (through the presentation competition).


It develops confident inidividuals through: experiencing a wide range of feelings in responses to texts in a safe environment (through discussion).


Encouraging responsible citizens through: learning to care about and share books, taking part in cultural events (through attending the award ceremony, meeting with and listening to authors talking about their books and also having the oppertunity to meet with pupils from other schools. In addition, as the authors are in the Grampian area for a few days they are also able to visit schools in the Grampian area and lead workshops. It also encourages responsible citizens through developing a good personal judgement by understanding and recognising pursuasion, opinion and bias (through the award being chosen by, voted for and decided by participating pupils.)

Creating effective contributors through: sharing experiences, stories and opinions with other children, young people and adults, developing the ability to ask and interpret questions about texts (through group discussions to talk about different genres, participation in the Q&A session at the Award ceremony is encouraged), taking part in activities which develop and sustain arguments, opinions and debate.

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